Posted 1 month ago

Jouvert is the annual start to the West Indies Day Parade in Brooklyn. It steps off at 12am in Central Brooklyn. My focus was to follow a quasi religious character called the Jab Jab whose name comes from the word Devil in French. People love playing the Jab Jab. As the Jab Jab you have power- to take over the streets, be sexy, to do what you want without any interference from police. The Jab Jab is an important part of African Diasporan street theater giving people a release from their every day lives and allowing them to rewrite a cruel piece of Caribbean history.

Posted 10 months ago

A Small Vodou Ceremony in the Red Hook Projects

I keep saying the last Vodou party of the season, but they seem endless. Here’s a small ceremony in a private apartment. The intimate setting really allowed believers to interact with the Mambos possessed by the Spirits.

Posted 10 months ago

Last Gede Party in Brooklyn for the Season

Every November in Brooklyn, Gede parties occur each weekend, often competing for attention in the Haitian community. Gede is a very popular Spirit, for one reason, because he is lewd and playful. People laugh and have a good time when he comes.

Gede’s playful actions are a counterweight to the other side of Gede. He is known for telling hard truths to the people at the ceremonies. He is one of the most powerful Spirits in the Vodou pantheon, living in cemeteries and controlling who passes on to Death. He is the joker alleviating the unbearable weight of the ultimate bad event, Death.